60 Inch Round Vinyl Tablecloths

60 inch round vinyl tablecloths. French bed linen.

60 Inch Round Vinyl Tablecloths

60 inch round vinyl tablecloths


  • A tablecloth is a cloth used to cover a table. Typically tablecloths are made of cotton or other natural fibres, or fabrics made from man made or synthetic fibres. Some are designed to be easy to wipe clean, often using PVC coated materials.
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60 inch round vinyl tablecloths – Reflections 70-Inch

Reflections 70-Inch Round Tablecloth, Merlot
Reflections 70-Inch Round Tablecloth, Merlot
Truly innovative microfiber fabric

In spite of their sophisticated appearance, the Reflections linens are remarkably practical. They wash up in the machine for easy care, and their 100 percent polyester microfiber design causes liquids to bead up, so spills are a minimal problem. Styled with a subtle geometrical flair, the pieces feature a single hue with rectangles of contrasting finishes. Available in tablecloths of numerous sizes and shapes, the line also includes napkins and placemats for a fully dressed table. The range of colors is great for all seasons and occasions, and each piece features a finished hem for durability. –Emily Bedard

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holga 120 cfn – no photoshop (e si vede!!!!)


Last week I did a shoot at a school for goldsmiths, Loved these pinters which are used to form round shapes for jewelry.
60 inch round vinyl tablecloths